Black & Decker BDEDMT Corded Drill Review [December 2022]

Black and Decker BDEDMT Corded Drill

  • Tool Attachment Variety
  • Powerful 4.0 Amp Motor
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Matrix Quick Connect System
  • Double Sided Bit Tip

BDEDMT is paired with the Matrix Quick Connect system. It provides performance and value for power tool users to develop their toolbox at their own pace. With this, you can use the industry’s most popular means as it provides sufficient power for a wide spectrum of attachment options.

In addition to its drill and driver attachments, six additional attachments are available as part of the matrix system, including an impact driver, Oscillating Multi-Tool, Jig-saw, Detail Sander, Router, and Trim Saw. It is a lightweight and compact unit, that means drilling and driving is an easy task, even in confined spaces and tight corners. Its size is also quite convenient when it comes to storage.

Also, this Black & Decker BDEDMT drill features an 11-position clutch that ensures to give you more control over the device. It is easy to avoid stripping and overdrawing screws with this corded drill. On the other hand, the unit’s handle has sports padded grips that bring comfort and better user control. They also prevent cramps and fatigue, especially if we can talk about long and complex DIY projects.

Black & Decker BDEDMT Review: First Impressions​

Black Decker BDEDMT Corded Drill

Black and Decker BDEDMT Specifications
Weight3.31 pounds
Motor4 Amp
Speed0-1200 RPM
Chunk Size3/8 inches
No. of Attachments6
Torque128 in-lbs
Clutch Settings11
Speed Settings2
Warranty2 Years

Reasons To Buy

  • Compact & lightweight design.
  • Incredibly versatile.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Great angle efficiency.
  • Easy attachment interchanging.
  • A powerful motor.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Operate easily in limited areas.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Certain types of wood cannot be worked.
  • Not the most accurate drill on the market.

Black & Decker BDEDMT Corded Drill: Detailed Specifications​

The BDEDMT is an incredibly versatile drill/driver that can assist you in various tasks. This smart, compact design with a strong motor handles all kinds of DIY tasks. Keep in mind that this is a wired device that limits portability, but on the other hand, you never have to worry about running out of battery power or recharging them. So let’s get to know its features a little more deeply.

Powerful Motor

This powerful drill features a 4 Amp motor. It has enough power to deal with a full range of applications and attachments. Get maximum output with minimum chances of overheat and power loss. It provides adequate energy to the unit for all sorts of drilling operations. The same motor lets you use several different attachment tools. It is one of the most versatile systems and an excellent option for beginners who don’t use power tools often.


This model from Black & Decker has a unique and sturdy construction made of durable metal frame housing. It can resist any mechanical damage to the device and avoid destroying the machine by releasing excessive heat during long working hours. Also, the metal frame gives the tool a longer-term service as it lasts longer.

If you are thinking of using a drill and driver combo for professional purposes, this size and weight may be ideal. Being lightweight and fit properly fulfills the expert objectives and eliminates the pain and fatigue factors during regular use.


Black & Decker has a unique system of connecting tool heads, famous as the Matrix Quick Connection System. It allows you to use various devices with a power pack and avoid purchasing additional power units. A kit allows you to purchase all tool heads and power packs and includes a custom storage kit to keep them.

If you are thinking about buying a tool to meet a particular requirement, you will get this facility. You can drill, cut, sand, and more with an impact driver, trim saw, oscillating, detail sander, jigsaw, and router attachments with this one tool system.

Comfort Grip

Whether corded or cordless, a comfortable grip is a must as it directly impacts your performance. This tool has a good design with a comfortable grip. The grip is considered an important factor for working long hours. Black + Decker electric drill helps to focus on the work without getting tired. Its attractive design makes it distinct from other products.

11-Position Clutch Type

An 11-clutch powered system has been added to this Matrix AC drilling machine to offer great operation controls. It includes the option to prevent the driller from over-screwing, that can cause a severe breakdown, protecting the driller from stripping between other critical cores. This feature also enables it to work in different positions and improve its ease of use.

Final Verdict​

Black & Decker is a reversible drill that alters the rotations from a clockwise direction to a counter-clockwise direction. This feature makes it suitable for both drilling and driving. The extra level of power control enhances the performance. Its fast-changing attachments serve various purposes, and the machine bot is suitable for home and commercial scales. This drill is fully capable of meeting your versatile objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Are Corded Drills More Powerful?

Corded drills are generally more powerful and lighter than cordless drills. However, it is less convenient and restricts your mobility, so most DIY’ers demand cordless drills. But keep in mind that cordless drills are heavy, heavy equipment with a limited lifetime and obvious power restrictions.

2. Is The BDEDMT A Variable Speed Drill?

No, this is not a variable speed drill. Its speed range is 0 – 1,200 RPM, so you have to assume that it is a single variable speed. You cannot adjust the speed at high or low speed.

3. Does This Drill Have LED Lights?

No, the light feature has not been added to this drill. But the lack of this feature will not affect the reliability of the drill. The key feature is that you always have enough power.

4. Can It Handle A 3/4 Bit For Concrete?

Yes, but we would always recommend using a hammer drill with a masonry drill bit for drilling in cement or brick. This drill is ideal for drilling mainly on wood, plastic, steel, or less hard surfaces.

5. Does This Drill Have A Keyed Chuck or Twist To Replace And Tighten The Bits?

Keyless chuck has been given in it to replace bits easily. It keeps all normal-sized bits completely correct and tightens the bits in reverse. Rotating the chuck collar in the counter-clockwise direction will loosen the tool.

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