Best Electric Screwdrivers – [March 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

Milwaukee 12-Volt 2401-20

Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless Hex Screwdriver


DeWALT 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver

Electric Screwdriver is quite important and useful for people with a “Do it yourself” mentality. Perhaps you have faced those stubborn clutches that do not appear in any way.

Would you like to use an electric screwdriver instead?

You may have many reasons for not liking ordinary screwdrivers such as they may be affected by corrosion, some may have a grip problem, or do not feature versatile use. You will not find all these problems with a electric screwdriver. They are very simple and easy to use and also versatile, so most DIYers prefer to use them.

Below we have compiled a list of the Best Electric Screwdriver in the market in which every given product is capable of meeting your maximum driving needs. So let’s go deep in search of a precious diamond.

Top 10 Electric Screwdrivers

Model Voltage RPM
Milwaukee 2401-20 12 500
DeWALT DCF680N1 ​​8 430
WORX WX255L 4 230
NoCry NCS-10NM 7.2 230
BLACK+DECKER Li2000 3.6 180
TACKLIFE 3.6 200
SKIL SD561201 4 230
Bosch 2 GO 3.6 360

Which are the 10 Best Electric Screwdrivers in 2021?

1. Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless Hex Screwdriver

Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless Hex Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Brand Milwaukee
Model No 2401-20
Dimensions 7.5 x 6.4 x 2.2″
Voltage 12 V
Head style Hex
Torque 175 in-lbs
Speed 500 RPM
Weight 2 lbs
Clutch Settings 15 + 1
Material Plastic
Chuck Type Keyless
Batteries Included No

The Milwaukee M12 Hex Screwdriver Kit is optimized for professionals who often face precision fastening applications, as it offers unmatched accuracy, power and portability as well as a slimmer, more ergonomic grip. A variable velocity trigger and 0-500 rpm provide users with unmatched fastening control, while 15 + 1 clutch settings have also been added to prevent over-tightening of fasteners.

Its 175 in.-lbs torque gives users the power to handle tough applications. This screwdriver is only 6-1 / 2 “tall and weighs only 2.0lbs. Its compact, lightweight and durable design gives users better access to tight job sites without sacrificing comfort.

It also features an LED light facility for working in dark places, and fuel gauge helps user productivity. It has two belt-clip positions for left-right-handed users and one-handed bit changes for maximum ease of use. Redlithium battery has been added to it, which provides more work per charge. It is capable of working longer than competitors.

The Good

  • Variable speed trigger for control.
  • Quick-Change Keyless 1/4″ Hex chuck.
  • Ergonomic and compact design.
  • Hook for hanging with pocket or belt.
  • Light in weight.
  • With 15-position clutch.
  • Battery fuel gauge for remaining runtime.
  • Long battery life.

The Bad

  • Not suitable for hardening screws and nug nuts.
  • Lights not very bright.

Verdict: If you are looking for a small compact driver, then this M12 Screwdriver will be the ideal choice for you. Its light weight and comfortable pistol grip that will inspire you to change bits and drive smoothly with one hand. So now, without losing time, quickly order it to add a new powerful weapon to your arsenal.

2. DeWALT 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver

DeWALT 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Brand DeWALT
Model No DCF680N1
Weight 1.1 lbs
Voltage 8 V
Chuck Design Keyless
Chuck Size 1/4 in Hex
Speed 430 RPM
Torque 23 in-lbs
Batteries Included Yes
Switch Type Trigger

The DeWALT DCF680N1 Screwdriver offers improved performance with its variable speed control and 15-position clutch. The Gyroscopic feature of DeWalt is unique, and it actually makes it easier to complete your work. The fact that the device uses a 2-axis gyro means that you do not always have to start the drill straight. It will start reacting to your movements from any starting position.

Additionally, the adjustable two-position handle rotates 180 degrees at an angle, allowing you to use the tool in a slim in-line configuration or a comfortable pistol grip. Finally, a nice 2-LED ring for improvement that lights up your workspace without putting any shadows on the fastener.

It uses an 8V Max Li-ion battery, which gives you run-time to use the device throughout the day. Another feature we really liked on this new screwdriver was the battery charge gauge, which was located on the top, behind the 1/4 x hex chuck in one hand. The device has a three-LED meter on the top which will ensure that you don’t leave for the day, wondering if your Max battery is fully charged.

The Good

  • Speed activation variable speed.
  • Reversal of control.
  • Max Speed 0 – 430 RPM.
  • Adjustable two-position handle.
  • Ideal for light fastening jobs.
  • LED to provide illumination in confined areas.
  • pointer exists on the device for runtime.
  • 1/4″Hex quick screwdriver for a bit change.

The Bad

  • Price is not fair for everyone

Verdict: If you are looking for a great tool kit for a wide range of tasks, then this DW2166 45 Piece Screwdriving Set is the ideal choice for you. It includes all the features that you constantly need during your work. So now, without losing time, quickly add it to your cart, and experience a versatility with powerful performance.

3. WORX SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

WORX SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

Key Specifications
Brand WORX
Model No WX255L
Dimensions 3.8 x 1.8 x 5″
Weight 1.5 lbs
Colour Original Version
Voltage 4 V
Power Source Battery Powered
Head Style Hex
Speed 0-230 revs/min
Bits Included 6

This SD screwdriver from WORX is useful for both professionals or DIY-ers. Using a normal screwdriver can strain your hands very quickly, and everyone drops fasteners and bits on the ground. This semi-automatic driver and bit changer is specially designed with a screw holder to eliminate those two problems.

To get the jaws to accept the screw in it simply press the orange button on the tip, then with just one hand, you can manoeuvre in tight places. Your six favourite screwdriver bits are stored onboard, and you cycle between them by moving the top piece between them.

With a no-load speed of 0–230 revs/min, you will have enough torque to handle the most common screwdriver application. Also, LED headlamps will allow you to work even in the darkest places. A 4V battery has been added to it which will remain charged for 18 months, and a charger comes with it.

The Good

  • A better choice for DIYers.
  • Driver with a slide-action changer.
  • Efficient 4v MaxL Lithium Battery.
  • Store bits in the internal rapid reloadable cartridge.
  • Design with state of the art technology.
  • Battery is internal.
  • Lightweight to avoid arm strain.
  • Reasonable price.

The Bad

  • Size may be larger for some
  • No clutch to adjust the power

Verdict: Save your hands and stop losing bits and fasteners. Get screws in places you never thought of before. SD drivers with screw holder is a solution to a couple of problems that come up using a regular screwdriver.

4. BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX Cordless Screwdriver

BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX Cordless Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Brand Black+Decker
Model No BDCSFL20C
Dimensions 7 x 2 x 9″
Chuck No
Voltage 4 V
Size 1/4″ hex
Colour Black
Weight 1.1 lbs
Warranty 2 Years
Batteries Included Yes

This cordless screwdriver from Black & Decker has become the first choice of professionals and DIYers due to its unique talent and design. It is capable of working in both trendy and practical situations. Powered by a 4-volt battery, this device gives you a speed of 180 RPM.

Its handle pivots in 3 positions so that you can work in the best position and it also features an integrated LED light, which is independent of the screwdriver motor and turns off.

You can use it for many things, including small jobs around the house such as fixing furniture, fixing toys, and general installations. If you are looking for a cordless screwdriver with a clutch, then this is definitely going to be a great option for you. Its light is 45 lumens bright and measures 7 x 2 x 9 inches. It has been given a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer, which further enhances its reliability.

The Good

  • Compact and light.
  • Independent led flashlight.
  • Handle pivot in 3 positions.
  • Ideal for mini-jobs.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Great control compared to the traditional drill.
  • Two years limited warranty.

The Bad

  • No variable speed.

Verdict: The Black & Decker BDCSFL20C is one of the versatile and functional devices that can be used as a screwdriver to perform many tasks around your home. With its compact size, you will definitely find yourself ahead.

5. NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Electric Screwdriver

NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Brand NoCry
Model No NCS-10NM
Material Metal, Plastic
Head style Pozidriv, Hex
Dimensions 5.7 x 1.6 x 7.9″
Motor 10 N.m
Speed 0-230 RPM
Battery 1500mAh
LED Light Yes
Bits 30
Voltage 7.2 Volt
Warranty 4-Years

The NoCry NCS-10NM cordless electronic screwdriver is a great choice in terms of power and performance. Its powerful 10 N.m motor is capable of handling serious tasks easily. You can easily use it in home improvement, carpentry and construction projects.

With a maximum torque of 10 N.m, this cordless electric screwdriver is more powerful than competing screw drawers cordless drills. This will provide enough power for most of your needs.

Apart from all this, this driver is fully capable of handling delicate tasks like fixing DIYs. You can also adjust and set the torque on the lower setting as it comes with 6 torque settings.

It has a rechargeable 7.2 V battery with which you can apply 300 screws on a single charge. Its LED light is at the bottom of the handle, which is sufficient to illuminate a large area. Along with this, you get this pack with 30 different sized bits, an easy-carry box and a 4-year warranty.

The Good

  • With powerful 5 + 1 torque.
  • Great quality battery included.
  • Responsible price.
  • Reach a maximum of 230 rpm.
  • Includes 30 drill bits and two extensions.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Built-in LED light.

The Bad

  • Not for large screws and hardwoods.

Verdict: The NoCry cordless electric screwdriver comes with an adjustable handle at 90 or 180 degrees so that you can reach difficult places without any trouble. If you were feeling the need for a similar screwdriver for your DIY projects, quickly order it and give your functionality a new twist.

6. BLACK+DECKER 3.6-Volt 3 Position Rechargeable Screwdriver

BLACK+DECKER 3.6-Volt 3 Position Rechargeable Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Brand Black+Decker
Model No Li2000
Voltage 3.6 V
Speed 180 RPM
Torque 40 in-lbs
Battery Li-ion
Handle Style Flexible
Reverse Switch Yes
Bits 42-Piece
Colour Orange/Black

If you are looking for an inexpensive but powerful screwdriver, the Black & Decker Li2000 may be a better option for you. This gives you much versatility with its 3- position handle.

You can use it as a pistol at an angle of about 100 degrees, and this position is great for driving in tight fasteners. With the push button in it, you can easily adjust the position of the handle.

It features both reverse and forward buttons, allowing you to change direction. In addition to this, the device also has a spindle lock which allows you to use this cordless screwdriver manually.

This driver is powered by a 3.6-volt lithium-ion battery that can hold its charge for a year and a half. This model has a torque of 40 inches, which is more than enough force to drive fasteners into soft surfaces such as plasters, wood, or polymers. It provides a speed of 180 rpm. However, if this torque and speed are insufficient for you, you can apply your own force by changing the position of the handle.

The Good

  • Low in price
  • With powerful battery
  • Handle provides three positions
  • Better for homework projects
  • Easy to use
  • Small, light and powerful
  • Spindle Manual Screw Driving Permitted
  • With forward and reverse switch

The Bad

  • No led light

Verdict: The Black & Decker Li2000 is the ideal choice for a budget and will surely meet your maximum needs with its powerful performance. Order it now so that you can finalize your acrobatics.

7. TACKLIFE 3.6V Max Cordless Classic Electric Screwdriver

TACKLIFE 3.6V Max Cordless Classic Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Model No SDP60DC
Material PA6+GF30
Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 6.1 x 2.2 x 4.8″
Voltage 3.6 Volts
Speed 200 RPM
Battery 1500mAh
Torque 44in-lbs
Chuck Type Magnetic
Size 1/4″ Hex
Bits 10 pcs

This SDP60DC cordless screwdriver from TACKLIFE comes with a very light and great grip, ideal for small projects around the house. Its 200 rpm speed allows a large number of screws to be replaced or loosened in a very short time with little effort.

It is provided with forward and reverses functions, just press the RF switch button, and you can easily adjust the rotation and counterclockwise rotation of this screwdriver. In particular, it includes bits (25 mm) of Cr-V 9 and 1 expansion rod made of a galvanized carbon steel (50 mm).

This screwdriver weighs only 0.77 pounds and is also very suitable for women or people who need to work with one hand. Its small electric screw design makes it very suitable and convenient for driving and removing screws in narrow places.

This 4V Max Lithium-Ion rechargeable screwdriver with 40-inch torque gives you enough power to screw for a wide variety of applications. Its power indicator has 3 levels to display real-time battery capacity.

Its portable size fits your hand comfortably, making it easy to control. The rubberized handle gives you a comfortable grip feeling. One of its key features is that it has a micro-USB connection that enables convenient, fast charging without time and space limitations.

The Good

  • Mini screwdriver.
  • Designed for small projects.
  • Perfect for women and men.
  • 1/4” Magnetic chuck.
  • Built-in LED light.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Perfect one-handed tool.
  • 3 Levels of Power Indicator Light.

The Bad

  • Not enough power for some.

Verdict: If you are looking for a small and comfortable size screwdriver for your DIY projects, then perhaps your search should end here because TACKLIFE has a great 6.1 x 2.2 x 4.8″ size screwdriver that will do the work without getting tired. So, order it now and finish your remaining jobs.

8. SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver

SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Brand Skil
Model No SD561201
Dimensions 1.42 x 1.42 x 6.61″
Weight 7.8 oz
Bits 9pcs
Charging Type USB
Colour Red
Speed 230 RPM
Voltage 4 V
Wattage 5.2 watts
Batteries Included Yes
Warranty 5-years

Built with circuit sensor technology, SKIL’s finest screwdriver is ideal for both beginners and professionals. Innovations in Safety The unique circuit sensor technology of the SKIL 4V cordless screwdriver is a patented feature that detects live wires up to an inch away in outlets, switches, cords, and fixtures.

Just grab the cordless screwdriver near the power source and press the identify button. If the circuit is live, the red light lights up, and a warning is sounded. With this feature, you will always know where the live circuits are located before starting on your project.

Also, this screwdriver provides a speed of 230 rpm and is very easy to use. It also includes an automatic axle lock feature so that your hands can complete the task smoothly without getting tired. It has integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts longer and features USB charging to power it. If you work in dark places often, then dual LED lights will help to brighten those places.

The Good

  • Small in size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Detect live wires.
  • Easy bit lock.
  • Cordless convenience.
  • Light your work with dual-LED.
  • Spindle lock feature.

The Bad

  • Not ideal for heavy jobs.

Verdict: It is always beneficial to have a screwdriver for any kind of minor fixes. The SKIL SD561201 screwdriver is your best friend, from fixing furniture to assembling electronic parts. Order it now to solve all your minor problems.

9. TECCPO 4V Cordless Electric Screwdriver

TECCPO 4V Cordless Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Model No TDSC01P
Speed 180 RPM
Weight 2.94 lbs
Set 45Pcs
Battery 2000mAh
Voltage 4 V
Gears 9+1
Max Torque 6Nm
Charging Type USB

The TECCPO TDSC01P cordless screwdriver is quite popular for its unique performance. Its portable size is better for both men or women. This set of 45pcs includes 34pcs driver bits, 8pcs socket, 1pc socket connector and 1pc USB charging cable.

The 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) hex allows quick screwdr5iver changes with it you can complete all tasks including hanging, adjusting pictures, fixing cabinets, furniture and its assembly.

The screwdriver has a max torque of 6nm and comes with a powerful 2000mAh battery, which means longer battery life and longer runtime. You can charge it from any standard USB port. It also added a quick charge function to save time.

It features forward and reverse switch for easy screw driving and screw removal, and spindle lock with large power to meet the work requirements of different environments. The rubberized rotation handle (adjustable two-position) provides a comfortable sense of grip in confined spaces.

The Good

  • A great set of 45Pcs.
  • Max Torque of 6Nm.
  • High performance.
  • Easy USB Charging.
  • 2 LED lights.
  • Rubberized Rotation Handle.
  • With carrying case.

The Bad

  • Quality not so good.

Verdict: If you are searching for an appropriate power tool set to complete your versatile projects, then TECCPO TDSC01P may be the right option for you. It has all the power tools you might need. If it suits your budget and needs, then order now.

10. Bosch 2 Generation Cordless Power Screwdriver

Bosch 2 Generation Cordless Power Screwdriver

Key Specifications
Brand Vehpro
Model No Bosch 2 GO
Dimensions 7.5 x 1.6″
Weight 1.32 lbs
Materia Plastic
Clutch Setting 5
Voltage 3.6 V
Battery 1.5 Ah
Speed 360 RPM
Charging Port USB
Bit Holder 1/4″ HEX
Power Source DC

Bosch 2 Generation Electric Screwdriver delivers the best performance with a great look. It is the best cordless screwdriver that helps you complete your DIY jobs. It is provided with a USB option to provide power through which it plugs into the tool. It comes with 1x USB charging cable (without the adapter), 2x Driver Bits (1x PH1 + 1x PH2), 1x Instructions, 1x Box which fits the entire set.

The screwdriver has three modes, screw, unscrew and manual mode. It has 5 different torque settings so you can choose the right speed for the project and material. This screwdriver will accommodate 1/4 “HEX bit and rotate up to 360 RPM for power. It has to overheat protection which will automatically shut down the tool in case of overheating.

The screwdriver has an e-clutch which not only ensures the correct speed; it immediately stops the screwdriver when the equipment is no longer pressurized. The screwdriver is locked to keep the screwdriver firmly in manual mode even when applying too much force for manual use. The cordless screwdriver, by Bosch, is a battery level indicator that lets you know the battery level when using or charging.

The Good

  • Powerful motor with robust gearbox
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Electronic cell protection
  • Electronic brake
  • Preventing overheating and overloading

The Bad

  • Price level slightly higher.

Verdict: This is a better option, especially for light-duty tasks. However, the price may seem a bit high to you but based on the features the priced is appropriate.

Buying Guide: Feature You Need To Focus On!

Best Electric Screwdrivers

When it comes to choosing a cordless screwdriver, there are a lot of factors that are important for you to keep in mind, because on the basis of these you can choose a right option for yourself. All the products offered here have different features and work-force, and you have to choose one to suit your requirement. So let’s know – How?


The voltage here refers to the power of the battery through which the powerful motor rotates. A voltage of 3.6 V is sufficient for a normal screwdriver with which you will easily complete your home DIY projects. Voltage is the ultimate power factor, and 90% of the voltage contributes to the speed of a driver, the remaining 10% power also depends on the motor.


Torque is the flowing force used to tighten the screw. It is displayed in newton-meters (nm) or inch-lbs. Most of the screwdrivers here have torque power between 3-6 Nm. Conversely, if you look at the higher end more powerful electric screwdrivers, they can have this force from 10Nm to 20 Nm. But keep in mind that you cannot use this force for routine tasks, and this requires professional handling.

Speed (RPM)

Before purchasing any electronic screwdriver, it is necessary to check its RPM, which will depend on your requirement. A cordless driver rotates 180 to 450 revolutions per minute. In contrast, a corded driver can have this speed of 3000 to 6000 per minute.


Often high-quality screwdrivers are very light in weight and with maximum characteristics. The main reason for the equipment being heavy is the weight of the battery and the construction material. There is no specific weight set for the device here, but before purchasing an electric screwdriver, you must look at the weight scale. Also, if you have small hands, go for the slimmer model.


In the market, you will find only two types of batteries for electric devices, which include lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium batteries. A lithium-ion battery is a reliable option and can store high energy. It is more durable, lighter and quicker to charge and works in both cool and hot temperatures. In contrast, nickel-cadmium batteries quickly drop their energy. So we suggest you go with lithium-ion batteries.

Final Verdict

You will find a variety of options in the market, but choosing the best electric screwdriver can be a lifesaver. We are sure that today you will go from here after choosing a suitable option and in the end, you will be happy with your investment.

We hope that during this review you have obtained all the information you need, yet if you have any questions left in your mind, write to us in the comment section below. We will try to answer your questions soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can An Electric Screwdriver Be Used To Drill Holes?

Yes, you can use it but only for some simple drilling because the torque and RPM of an electric screwdriver are much lower than a normal drill. It is ideal for drilling only under certain circumstances.

2. What Is Electric Screwdriver Used For?

Electric screwdrivers often come with smaller sizes and lighter weights making them relatively agile compared to most exercises. They are ideal for driving screws in tight spaces, and also feature adjustable angled drive heads with improved manoeuvrability.

3. How Much Torque Can Apply With A Screwdriver?

Screwdrivers can extract torque from 6-inch ounces (0.04Nm) to 27Nm, but none of the devices covers the entire range, so the tool has low, mid and high-torque range options.

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