Ryobi P238 18V One Plus Impact Driver Review – [March 2021]

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18V ONE+ HP Compact Brushless Series With High Performance & Advanced Technology.

Ryobi P238 18V One Plus Impact Driver

Ryobi P238 One+

  • LITHIUM+ HP Technology
  • 4X Runtime
  • Great Performance
  • Easy Access
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Built In LED Light

The P238 is the latest model of the Ryobi, which boasts the essential and advanced features you need. If you are getting tired of the driving screws repeatedly then you definitely need a high powered device, here the Ryobi One + Impact Driver is ready to help you.

With the Ryobi P238 18V, you will be able to drive effectively on any kind of surface as it puts in a huge amount of 2200 inches per pound of max torque to help you drive bolts and screws in just seconds.

For maximum power, the P238 incorporates an 18V One+ lithium-ion battery that continues performance even on hard surfaces. If you have a low amp-hour rating of the battery in the available driver, it cannot produce enough current for the motor to give maximum torque. You can completely eliminate this problem by using a high amp per hour rated battery.

This machine comes with three-speed settings (Low speed: 0-1,100 RPM, Medium speed: 0-2,150 RPM, High speed: 0-3,100 RPM) so you can adjust the speed accordingly using the top-mounted speed button. Also, the driver’s grip has a rubber moulding that increases friction between the tool and your hand, so you can avoid any slippery issues.

A 3-way lighting unit of the chuck is included to prevent shadows on your target. The manufacturer has been given a 3-year warranty to maintain the quality and durability of this product.

(Note that this is a bare device and does not have any batteries, chargers, or any other accessories except the screwing bit.)

Ryobi P238 One+ Impact Driver – Short Review

Ryobi One Plus Impact Driver

Key Specifications
Model Number P238
Item Weight 3.1 pounds
Motor Brushless
Chuck Size 1/4 inch
Torque 2,000 in. / lbs
RPM Up to 3,100
Voltage 18 V
Extra Belt Clip
Light Tri-Beam LED
Speed Settings 3
IPM 4,000
Batteries Included No

The Good

  • Brushless motor.
  • Compatible with Li+ HP batteries.
  • 3-speed options.
  • Powerful design.
  • Up to 4,350 IPM.
  • Tri-LED lights.
  • 1/4” auto-load chuck.
  • GripZone microtexture over mould.
  • Magtray magnetic holder.
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty includes.

The Bad

  • Need to improve battery runtime.


The connection of all batteries to Ryobi’s cordless devices is the same for each Ryobi power tool, which will definitely save you a lot of money in the long run. Ryobi 18V One + Brushless Impact Driver More power than previous versions of its cordless effect drivers, Provides runtime and motor life.

This powerful design produces up to 2,000 in./lbs. of torque, the new Impact Driver reinforces large fasteners by up to 4,350 impacts per minute. 3-Speed Switch conveniently located on rear of tool for easy access. At the highest speed setting, this impact driver can reach 3,100 RPM. The Ryobi One + Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver also incorporates Tri-L.E.D. lights on the driver’s muzzle for better visibility of the workspace.

A magnetic holder helps keep track of your bits and fasteners and allows 1/4 auto-load chuck bits to be swapped with a simple detour. This is accompanied by a belt clip that can be attached to either side of the device. The device also has an increased convenience in their Grip-Zone microtextured over mould and control over longer applications.


If you are very responsive to convenience and cost and are looking for a great and feature-rich option for you, the Ryobi One Plus is the answer. You can work efficiently in any space with this compact tool. It would be best if you look for an outlet and a charger to make this driver.

Powerful Performance

The Ryobi Impact Driver has a powerful 18V one+ brushless motor that can deliver a max torque of 2000 inch-pounds for better performance. It provides speeds in excess of 3100 RPM to easily push the screws and bolts. Its brushless motor generates 40% more power than an ordinary motor so that your shoulders will not feel tired while working. It does not matter whether you are a professional or a DIYer; it is easy and useful for everyone.

3-Speed Transmission

P238 is providing three options to control and adjust the speed of its previous version, for instances where you want to work with less power, you can adjust the speed according to the convenient speed switch. Beyond its powerful motor, which can rotate at around 3,100 RPM, there are a variety of features to give you the greatest amount of control. The speed of this powerful motor can be affected by a 3-speed button, depending on how heavy your job is.

Designed for Comfort

The user’s comfort is taken care of by the manufacturer while designing this impact driver. It has an ergonomically designed handle, paired with soft rubberized grips to prevent putting too much stress on your hands. Additionally, TRI-BEAM LED lights can illuminate your work area better than other products. The tool case is a bonus for you that you can carry around comfortably.

Extended Battery Life

The P238 brushless effect driver is compatible with the 18V One+ high capacity Lithium-ion battery, which offers long working hours. The driver’s safety system helps extend battery life. The system enables the battery and device to communicate with each other to avoid overloading and overshooting. The device features ONE + COMPATIBLE and is compatible with Ryobi’s 18-volt battery lineup. Compatible models also include P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107 and P108.

Lightweight and Portability

This lightweight driver weighs only 3.1 pounds, which reduces fatigue on the user’s hand. With its compact size, you are sure to reach and work in challenging areas without any problems. Also, this Impact Driver has a built-in TRI-BEAM LED work light that can illuminate dark places for you to work more comfortably.

Belt Clip

Other features include a belt clip that tightens the grip on the driver. Keep it stored on your person all day with this handy clip. With this, you can easily reach the impact driver and have your hands available to participate in other tasks.

Who Is It For?

Now it’s time to find out for whom the P238 driver is useful, so the answer is for almost all professionals and DIY’ers. This Impact driver is a great One + Compatible offering from Ryobi that is capable of performing your scheduled tasks with ease and power.

It does not matter whether you are engaged in the decoration of the house or handling the necessary works at the workshop. It is useful in all places. Certainly, this Impact Driver feels like an upgrade over its older model, which performed very well. However, the P238 features a brushless motor, which improves performance and power as well as extends overall motor life.

The biggest plus point of this updated model is its high performance. We all know that Ryobi straddles the line between DIY pricing and entry-level Pro performance. However, these are valid pro-levels, with torque premium higher than many of the premium brands.

Final Verdict

So by now, you may have known that the Ryobi 18V, with its easy-grip design, the ability to replace other devices and a more affordable price point, makes it a great option for those who have either recently been into DIY Have been or are dedicated to.

Its faster RPM and more controlled torque ensure that it can be used for longer and specific conditions. Ryobi offers a trusted name with a reputation for unbreakable durability, making it the best choice for those who want to bring forth their versatility.

With these words put an end to this discussion, and I hope you will return with a good choice today. If you have any remaining information or questions related to the product, then write in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Use This Impact Driver As A Drill?

Yes, you can use an impact driver as a drill. For this, you will need to use a standard hex-shank drill bit with visor followed by small holes in light-gauge steel and softwood. If you want to make holes larger than larger inches in heavy steel, hardwood, or pressure-treatment, you need to rate a bit, especially for an impact driver or you use a suitable drill.

2. What Is The Difference Between Ryobi P 238 And P 239 Impact driver?

Both have almost the same features, but the p238 has 3 speeds, and the p239 does not, which is a bit confusing as the difference between them. The upgrade is worth it, and you can get a lot more precise work with variable speeds.

3. What Is The Use Of An Impact Driver?

Impact power tools are specifically designed to efficiently drive long deck screws or carriage bolts in wooden posts. In addition to this, fastening the concrete screw anchors to the concrete walls and driving the screws into the metal studs. You can also use it for drilling with a spade bit, but only on some rough surfaces.

4. Does An Impact Driver Need Special Bits?

For most fastening applications, no. But standard bits will give better performance. Generally, the screws and bolts used for regular applications have the same shape, but when the size varies, you should select the bit accordingly so that there is no bad effect on your functionality and driver.

5. Do Impact Drivers Have Torque Settings?

Torque cannot be controlled in impact drivers, so you can choose the speed control trigger or gear provided in the driver to adjust the amount of torque being delivered.

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